Abbey and His Grandma

Abbey was always eager and prepared to visit the mountains to meet his grandma. He used to say, “My grandma lives in the mountains in the serenity of nature, and I’d love to live there.”

Abbey’s parents — Mr. and Mrs. Mills — lived in Sonora with their kids Abbey and Amanda. His father was a businessman, while his mother was an editor in a local news agency. Both love their kids a lot and so do their kids.

Abbey’s parents planned to visit Abbey’s grandma Mrs. Armada in the summer vacation, but it could not happen.

So one day, when his father told him that they are going to grandma’s home during the weekend; Abbey was elated. He always thought of the day, when he’ll spend his time in the mountains. And now that it’s come, he is super excited. He could not wait for Friday morning to come.


Abbey’s grandma Mrs. Armada was 65 years old, very loving lady who used to live in a big old garden house in mount Cyprus. According to Abbey himself, “My grandma house is very… big!!! It touches the sky and covers the mountain.”

Indeed, Mrs. Armada’s house was big. It was like a ‘castle’ in the mountains, it had plenty of what anyone could need — 15 big rooms, four big lawns, and a huge courtyard; where children could easily play for hours, without ever getting bored. It wasn’t just a big house; it was a dream world for every kid. And not to forget, it also had a vinery and an orchard with all kinds of fruit trees.

Since the morning, Abbey was packing his stuffs like books, toys, etc. to take to his grandma house. He was ready since early morning. And when his father told him that they are leaving, he raced towards car and hopped in the front seat. His father, mother, and his younger sister followed.

And they were driving on the highway which was getting narrower and narrower as it reached mountains. Abbey was awestruck to witness the beauty of the valley. He was 9 and it’s been 2 years since he met his grandma. He had only heard that the mountains never change, but now he’s realized that all of it was true.

They reached there in the afternoon. As his father hit brakes, he raced inside. His grandma hugged him so hard that, he almost felt crushed; but it was her pure love. She brought him various fruits in a small basket. “All these fruits are just for me!!!” He was elated. “Nah, save some for Amanda; here she comes.” Grandma replied. “Grandma…!” Amanda came screaming with joy and jumped to hug Mrs. Armada. “Oh dear, you’ve gotten bigger.” She clenched Amanda between her arms. “O grandma…, but I’m still a kid.” Amanda was blushing. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you both. I’m so happy that you came.” Mrs. Armada said as she passed the fruit basket to Amanda.

“Hello mom!” Abbey’s parents said as they entered the house. “Thanks a lot for bringing kids here; I’ve been missing them a lot.” —Mrs. Armada said. “We’ve also been missing you mom! So, we had to come here. It’s been two years since last time we came.” — Abbey’s mom said.


Later that night, Mrs. Armada was telling both kids a fable of a granny and her grandchildren. Both kids were humming along as the night was passing by.