Love Story 2270 A.D

After the nuclear apocalypse, most of the 9 billion population of the earth have vanished. Only few lucky people have survived that fateful day, who were living in the remote parts of North Pole in a place known as “Orchid Isle” – the city of hope. – Those lucky 30 million who survived the tragic end of humanity have shunned the idea of weapon development.

And that’s why, what left of the weaponry was later destroyed by the people themselves; fearing that the same tragedy could happen again.

Most of the scientific development was now being carried out in the fields of medicine, technology and for the betterment of humanity.
About 100 years ago, humans have succeeded in the development of artificial organs and even part of the brain cells. People are now more and more concerned with using science for peaceful purposes only. In the space technology, we have now achieved greater heights.

We have found and contacted many of those intelligent species in the far away universe. People were now able to find out what have happened in earlier of times, so they have had known what greed could bring down upon the humanity.

We have now developed both – bionic limbs, as well as the original like ours (made from tissues). It’s been turning out that we have now entered the best era of human lifetime.

The other intelligent alien species, that we’ve found and contacted are now visiting earth and we are doing the traveling of the so far unknown ‘realms of the cosmos’. This was paving the way for mutual development of technologies so far.
                           We have now learned to make babies in the labs with latest biotechnology, and we are more than capable of removing every ill idea that could later hamper this very environment; it was all because genetic biology has been able to eliminate the bad traits.

The idea of religion is no longer in existence, and so is the racism and hatred.

We have now become one world, filled with people who have learned everything from their earlier mistakes and willing to never make the same.

Now people don’t marry, neither they need different clothes to wear. We have developed self cleaning and self repairing clothes. And all the facilities of medicine to eradicate every deadly disease, the man was once fearful of – so in essence we no longer have those petty problems which were part of the society for a longer period of time.

People live the way they see fit, the way they want; but it’s not anarchy. The world is now a Utopia. People are happier, without sorrow, without greed, and other previous human weaknesses; they have but one desire – to make the world a better place and providing every necessity which could be needed.

The mutual sharing of knowledge with other intelligent species helped us in understanding our universe on a broader spectrum. We have learned from them what we could use in the forthcoming era, and taught them what they could use for the betterment of their planets.

After the apocalypse, most of the flora and fauna have died; we saved a very little what we could, but not all. – It’s been late for damage control to a greater extent; and that’s why we moved on to making – what is left of earth – a better place for our upcoming generations.

Among all this chaos and rebuilding, flourished a love story.
The characters of this story were Adam and Eve (what a coincidence it was that they were the namesake of the remnants of the religion’s characters).

Both Adam’s and Eve’s grandparents were member of the armed forces which vanished in the nuclear war. Adam was a grad student of mechanical biology, while Eve was doing researches to make the living conditions of the earlier habitable parts of the world better. She had this notion to make at least a smaller part livable only for some animals, which were later genetically developed in labs from the left traces of dead organisms.

Since, Adam was born without a limb and his parents resorted to bio-tech to develop a bionic limb with their tissues. It made Adam more inclined to study Mechanical Biology. So after home-schooling, he joined the ‘Organization for the Studies of Technology and Mechanics’ to study the degree in Mechanical Biology.

On a tour to the ‘Institute Of Living and Non-livings’, a university which was the prime institution for higher research studies of advanced zoology, and where Eve was studying; Adam met her for the first time. They kept looking into the eyes of each other, when they crossed path in the hallway. It was such a nice feeling, that they forgot everything around them. They did not know what it was, but they liked the feeling of it. To understand what this feeling was, they sought help of their friends who were student of Ancient Human Studies (yes, that’s what history prior to the ‘apocalypse’ was being called). – This helped them understand that this feeling was an integral part of previous generations of humans, and been known as love. So they have studied some books and romantic texts of the previous era, and they have learned everything about it.
It was a wonderful feeling for them. They started dating each other for that whole tour. Sometimes, Adam and Eve used to go for a drive in the ‘maglev mobile’ (the car which can be driven over magnetic pathways and it was the prime transport medium). They were starting to like the company of each other and so they always find a way to meet up. This meeting and talking was really the best part of their day, besides what they love doing i.e. their studies and research.
They used to talk everything – work, studies, ideas and those romantic poems that they read; they were getting into each other. On one of these dates, when Adam held Eve’s hands, he felt magically more alive than he was. It was kind of different but unique feeling for him. And soon they realized – they can no longer stay away to each other; so Adam moved with Eve in the same place, since he has joined the Institute. The greatest benefit of this was that they could share the ideas and inputs. They became an example of what love is, since the idea of this kind of affection has long been gone and no one have ever had felt that way.
This idea made them more and more aware to the nature as it did in the earlier times of human history prior to the apocalypse. It was fascinating for them to see and understand the nature, science and life of everything around, with a different perspective. They have been starting to like the effects of love, because it made them understand everything around – in a more subtle way. They grew more and more lost in the idea of this new light of understanding, and it had been mesmerizing them.
Their devotion toward each other was proving to be a new key, which were unlocking them new ideas of how to make new amends in the fields of their interests.
On one evening, Eve was discussing the plans for developing the atmosphere for the survival of the newly created animals, and Adam gave a completely new insight. He brought upon the idea of making self sustaining and self regulating place for those species, where the needs of those could be automatically addressed. This idea just clicked with her and she thought, “why not?! In that way the animals don’t have to be afraid of any changes that could be fatal for them.” “Oh Adam, this is such a fantastic idea!!” – Eve said kissing him.
And so, they thought – they could together work for this very same objective and make this idea alive.
They brought this idea to the head of the institute, who was helping and supporting Eve in bringing her idea alive. The dean was excited with this new input, and so he sanctioned the work.

Now Adam and Eve were working together to make their idea alive, and taking their affection to a new dimension. And enjoying being with each other most of the time.

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